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Upon deciding to work together, we will schedule two prenatal appointments that serve more so as private classes than quick check-ins.

These appointments will be completely personalized to you and your family so that we cover exactly what matters most when it comes to your birth. These intentional meetings will bring out the skills and knowledge within you that will benefit you during labor and childbirth.

As an additional service for an additional fee, I offer private birth preparation sessions that follow the same principles as above, but allow even more time to delve into the topics most important to you. Please contact me to discuss this as either an add-on to your doula package or as an individual service.


Your birth is a story. Let's see what it's telling us.

As your doula I will provide you with physiological and emotional support, as well as suggestions of measures that will help you to successfully cope with the ebb and flow of labor. No two birth stories are alike, and staying mindful about this will help you to adapt more fluidly to the needs of your body, whether that means you need an epidural, a cesarean or intentional support during the unmedicated vaginal birth of your baby.


My role at your birth is to stand by your side always.

I am available to you as a primary support person, and I am also able to serve as a relief person if you prefer that your partner serve as your primary support during labor. Whatever you need from me, I will provide, because my ultimate goal as your doula is to do everything in my power to bring out the power that lies within you.


Your doula investment covers two prenatal appointments; the ability to contact me 24/7 via phone, text and email from two weeks pre-guess date to two-weeks post-guess date; my undivided support and attention during your labor and delivery; and one postpartum visit at your home.

$2,200 investment
payment plan available